What you are looking at is the first design prototype. It was the result of many hours of work and devotion, developing what myself and others have built, into making a BioDiesel processor that is productive, safe, efficient and, affordable.

As you can see there are recycled and new components used to make this 189 liter unit, that produces BioDiesel in under 2 hours, and can be used to de-water and filter WVO in about 45 minutes.

The system uses 120/240 volt AC and a 5.5kw heater to heat the oil. The system contains: a safety flow switch (to cut the power in case of pump failure), bag filtration down to 0.5 micron, sight glass, temperature gauge, suction in and discharge out. The pump is a flexible Viton rotary vane type, lowering the shearing action with excellent results. If not allowed to sit idle in fluid, the vane last 10 months or longer.

The unit is seal able and is vented to outside atmosphere. Several unique mixing designs are not viewable.

As you can see in this and other photos, there are two timers, one for the heater element and one for the pump and motor. The motor is an Explosion Proof, 1/2 hp Baldor.

They can be set for up to 6 hours and if the pump should ever fail, the magnetic switch will cut the power to the heating element (Thanks Rob and Zede!)


The blue filter housing has a pressure gauge on top to monitor the purifying process using Magnasol. Synthetic magnesium silicate sold as Magnasol by the Dallas Group, is used in the removal FFA, color, odor and particulates down to 0.5 Micron and takes about 45 minutes. The result is a very excellent quality of fuel that if allowed to sit for 1-2 weeks, in my opinion is as good as Gold!

I get impatient and have designed a water purifying system that, after 2 days of washing using bubble aeration, which also in my opinion, would make aviation quality fuel. Water is recycled and over again and if the pH is above 5.0 and NOT over 10 and containing "no" FFA or fats of any kind, it may in small amounts be sent to the septic tank. Tho some may disagree with this conclusion, Boeing Co. is doing experimentation with BioDiesel as we speak.

All oils have various melt points, the temperature at which the oil becomes liquid, coconut and palm oil is 22 degrees C, 72 degrees F. I for one would NOT use these oils to fly "or" drive with in cold weather!!

The flow switch and 5.5kw heater element.
In the back ground is a system similar to the 189 liter unit in the foreground, except wil produce 756 liters of BioDiesel.

This is a Methoxide mixing system where 20%, preferably 200 proof 100 percent anaerobic Ethanol and or Methanol, is mixed with NaOH (sodium hydroxide) or, KOH (potassium hydroxide) after Titration has been performed. NOTE: Contact myself or other sources for more information. This is a very exact procedure and should be performed only with the utmost safety using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and training with complete protection for the environment and the safety of others.

In designing this system again, using recycled components whenever possible, I used a 56 liter beer keg with a TIG welded cone bottom for circulation.

The pump is an Double Diaphragm air operated unit and NO electricity is used in this procedure. The only need is for a grounding lead to Earth to reduce static discharge. Its unique mixing, some what proprietary, will mix the potassium methoxide in 15 minutes.




Loren Fennell