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Bula Vinaka,

My sincere apologies for not keeping the web site up to date and current. I had some difficulties with the site location being down for several months,

I just returned from Koro Island, Fiji in the South Pacific, having spent 3 months there on a building project, and creating the"Koro Island Bio fuels Project. It is a training and production program that will establish a micro managed processing facility, on a village operated level. The goal will be to establish: Education, Environmentalism and Economy, where by the village people create greater levels of income and knowledge of Alternative fuels.

The proposed plan will be to utilize coconuts and other crops, to produce cold pressed virgin coconut oil for cooking, cosmetics and fuel. A training program for young individuals and adults in the knowledge of business and environmentalism will be offered on a cooperative level. Fabrication skills will also be learned in the production of goods and services.

Many great friends and Government officials were made and the kindness of the Fijian people was a joy to behold. With my return in January I will get the project moving and in short order, the project will be in the hands of the villages and co-ops. There are 14 villages on Koro, with many Mataqli's (klan's). I will, with the help of the government and blessings of the Island Chiefs, and Mataqil's, set up two pilot projects using coconuts, growing Jatoropra and Castor bean production. There are vast amounts of WVO from Suva on the main Island of Viti Levu offered as for our use well.

I will as time permits, keep and up date as this project progresses.

Thank you for all the Support and Good Will from my friends and family.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Loren Fennell

The Alternative Energy Coalition, not for profit, is a grassroots community based project dedicated to the Education and Training of people and villages. Working together we create and produce change world wide.

With an extensive affiliate base of businesses and individuals, we are working to ensure that the knowledge, training and construction of equipment be made available and affordable. Many Alternative Energy by-products such as, Coconut Oil, Straight/Waste Vegetable Oil, BioDiesel, Ethanol, BioMass Conversion and Gasification, are sustainable to our community and available

We believe that everyone should have access to the benefits of Energy produced from Waste and harvested crops. To be able to locally produce, purchase, and learn the use of Bio-fuels in a variety of ways while protecting the Earth.

Loren Fennell